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Crafty Projects = Home Improvement

I have three crafty projects to share with you, all home improvement related! 1. Sewing new pillows for the couch A while ago I moaned about my pillow predicament. I am happy to say I’ve solved at least a part… Continue Reading →

This is Halloween, everyone scream

Happy Halloween everybody! This is my favourite holiday… so I go all out. This year I dyed my hair red to complete my Sally costume. My BF even suggested he go as Jackā€”no coercion required! To make Sally’s dress, I… Continue Reading →

Cushion Conundrum

A couple years ago now, I sewed some pillow covers for the cushions that came with my couch. They’re two 16″-square pillows and have served me very well (although one is getting lumpy). Unfortunately they’re lonely. As is my chaise… Continue Reading →

DIY Dining Chair Seat Cushions

My apartment is a one-bedroom but I used the dining area as a home office. This leaves the side of the living room as my dining area. I have an antique drop-leaf table from my parents’ house against the wall… Continue Reading →

BC Highland Games & Skirt Sewing Success

Last weekend (June 25) I went with a friend to the BC Highland Games & Scottish Festival in Coquitlam. We’d never been before, and unfortunately it rained intermittently, but we still enjoyed ourselves and got a chance to look around…. Continue Reading →

Housekeeping… err Blogkeeping?

Updates on a variety of fronts! Books: I’ve finished Voyager by Diana Gabaldon and need to write up a review. Before that I read a few graphic novels that I need to post reviews for. Now I’m into the second… Continue Reading →

DIY: Revamped Wicker Bench Seat

In February I visited a neat secondhand store called FilmGo, located in Vancouver on the edge of Burnaby. This undiscovered thrift store is full of props, furniture and knick-knacks from various film sets which means awesome vintage and era pieces…. Continue Reading →

Insert Witty Title Here

Day to day, as I browse the web, I find awesome things I like to share. Sometimes I share them via Facebook or Twitter, and other times, they deserve a round-up post. Here are a couple great things I’d like… Continue Reading →

Learning to Quilt at Spool of Thread

In the beginning of November I took a class at Spool of Thread called 3, 2, 1… Quilt! It was a beginner quilting class which was perfect for me because I already know how to sew and work a machine… Continue Reading →

General Random Stuff

Sit down, grab a coffee, because here are some quick updates all at once. Some don’t need individual blog posts, some are long-overdue updates. I’ve joined the Festivus Swap on our local Ravelry meetup group. Must shop and knit for… Continue Reading →

Crafty Mojo Returns

On Sunday I went to a different fabric store to look at the selection of blue-patterned fabric. Last time I went to Dressew because it’s right by my work, and I liked the fabric I selected but I didn’t love… Continue Reading →

Crafty Mojo

I’ve made substantial progress on my shawl! I am quite impressed with Argante and may even knit Gaenor. It would look quite gorgeous with my new Unwind Yarns. Unfortunately, today I have totally lost my crafty mojo. It’s not the… Continue Reading →

Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Festival

This weekend was the 11th Annual Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Festival from August 19-21. I don’t think I’d ever been to Gibsons before. The town is technically on the main mass of British Columbia, but is considered the Sunshine Coast…. Continue Reading →

Shopping Spree

In the past couple weeks I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many of my favourite (and soon to be fave) local shops. I thought I’d share the goodies with you all as there are some fibre-related products(!!!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Near the… Continue Reading →

Got Craft? Spring Market

I don’t recall when I first heard about Got Craft?, but I was so busy during November that I didn’t get a chance to check out their holiday market. So when the date for their Spring show was set (today,… Continue Reading →

Yarn Central

Today my sister and I went to the yarn store! She is learning to weave and so I helped her choose yarn for her class. I picked out some lovely Cascade 220 and Cascade Heathers 220 for her. She wanted… Continue Reading →

Squishy’s BlanketPad

If your cat or dog is like my Henry, his (or her) fur accumilates wherever they decide to bed down often. For me, that’s my bed, beside my head. And for the longest while, I just put a blanket down… Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween from Fairyland

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Here are some great photos my sister took of me in costume. We went down to the park near our house on Saturday before the parade. That’s right… sewn from scratch and the ideas in my head!… Continue Reading →

Almost Ready for Halloween!

Here’s the progress on my costume. My skirt is almost done: (Sorry my dad isn’t the best photographer… he moves the camera too soon.) But I did finish embellishing my store-bought wings! I like how they turned out. I did… Continue Reading →

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene

Halloween is probably one of my favourite holidays. I love getting dressed up, I spend months thinking up a costume, and always start way ahead of time. This year, I’m finally going to pull off being an Amy Brown-inspired fairy:… Continue Reading →

Sew Sentimental Duffel

My duffel bag has gotten me through a lot: 5 summers at Horse Camp, 3 trips to Camp Squeah with school, the sailing trip in 2004 (can you spot my bag in the photo of all our gear on the… Continue Reading →

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