A couple years ago now, I sewed some pillow covers for the cushions that came with my couch. They’re two 16″-square pillows and have served me very well (although one is getting lumpy). Unfortunately they’re lonely. As is my chaise lounge which only has the matching pillow it came with.

Siobhan, a local knitting friend, posted she was selling off some new, still-in-the-package pillow forms. She did an amazing job sewing beautiful cushion covers for her couch, but ran out of steam before making the ones for her bedroom. I think we can all relate to that! So instead of having the pillow forms around her house, reminding her of the project and cluttering her space, she is destashing—to my benefit!

I already bought four of the 20″-square pillow forms, and will be choosing two different fabrics for a total of three designs. What can I say—I like symmetry.

Pillow Problem illustrated here

Question 1: Are there enough pillows?

  • Option 1a: Yes. Leave it as is.
  • Option 1b: Yes, but also recover the existing chaise pillow
  • Option 2a: No, get another (larger) pillow for the chaise lounge
  • Option 2b: No, get another (smaller) pillow for the chaise lounge

Question 2: If I got another pillow and/or recovered the existing chaise pillow, should I match it to one of the fabric(s) on the couch pillows?