bonnie_cascade220Today my sister and I went to the yarn store! She is learning to weave and so I helped her choose yarn for her class. I picked out some lovely Cascade 220 and Cascade Heathers 220 for her. She wanted a soft wool, but something with merino is out of her price range (for the yardage she’ll need). I just looked up the stock colours, and I think this is what we picked in the end [see image right]. A heathered bluey-turquoise-green and a navy blue to make it pop. I think she is planning to use the navy for the warp and the heathered one for the weft. I learned weaving terms!

In other news, I’ve gotten a couple crafty gifts recently that I’d like to share! Some lovely leftover Malabrigo from Chelle (as she’s allergic to animal fibre) and some lace trim and sequins from Ginger, who was cleaning out her closet and thought of me when she found those. She said I should sew the lace to some panties!

mmmalabrigo_fromchelle ginger_trims

And I forgot to share this photo from last weekend when I went knitting with Julia (left) and Chelle (right). They’re both making sweaters, Chelle has made tons before (and they’re gorgeous) but this will be Julia’s first! The yarn Julia is using is a little more purple than the photo, and Chelle is wearing a her lovely Porom [ravlink], which I totally want to make now too!


I also took a picture of my mom’s hat while we were knitting. It’s coming along nicely as you can see… I guestimate another inche before the decreases. Did I mention it’s the Fetching-Inspired Hat [ravlink]?


cocoabuddy_tease1But the hat has been put on the backburner for the Blah Buster Buddy… now I don’t want to give anything away since it’s a small group of swappers this round, so here is a sneak peek at my Cocoa Swap Buddy…

Anyway, that’s all for now here at Yarn Central. Can you believe I’ve actually been knitting? I wish I was a faster knitter, but my hands get tired, and I’m typing at work all day with my fingers… it just gets too much. So, before my fingers get tired from typing this blog post, I’m gonna go work on the Cocoa Buddy.