DIY Seat Cushions My apartment is a one-bedroom but I used the dining area as a home office. This leaves the side of the living room as my dining area. I have an antique drop-leaf table from my parents’ house against the wall and have been looking for ages for the right chairs. I wanted four wooden, folding chairs for the sheer convenience (similar to the drop-leaf table) of being able to put it away or take them out.

I managed to find two perfect candidate chairs in full working order. I got them at a thrift store for $12 each (normally $15). I need to acquire two more chairs to keep in the cupboard for group visits and I will want them to match the table, so I will probably sand them down and re-stain them at some point.

However, I put these two straight to work!

Fabric and foam

The foam squares are from a foam-specific store for approximately $5 each. The fabric are actually cloth napkins from a store called Rags & Dishes on Main Street. I cut off the hem seams and placed right sides together of the fabric, then sewed along three sides. I turned the pillows right side out and stuffed the foam in.

Finishing the last seam on the cushions

As you can see from this close up, I pinched and sewed the final side closed. I could have done this by hand to hide the seam, but people are putting their bottoms on the cushions, not inspecting them. So I used the sewing machine.

The ties I placed at the rear corners to secure the cushions to the chairs. I was considering using ribbons, but then used the hems that I cut off the cloth napkins. It was a fantastic solution if I do say so myself.

I am so happy with the completed project and am so happy to stop eating off my lap on the couch or on the floor at the coffee table—especially when I have guests.

Completed Handsewn Seat Cushion