Happy Halloween everybody!

Monica & SO dressed as Jack & Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

This is my favourite holiday… so I go all out. This year I dyed my hair red to complete my Sally costume. My BF even suggested he go as Jack—no coercion required!

To make Sally’s dress, I watched the movie several times, pausing, sketching, and taking screenshots. Then I started sewing it piece-by-piece and attempting to fit it to my body. It turned out quite well.

For Jack’s suit, we got a black jacket, white tshirt, and black pants. Then I drew pinstripes on the jacket with a fabric marker, and painted pinstripes on the pants with acrylic paint. I sewed the bow tie out of fabric, stuffed it with pillow fluff, and put some wire inside to maintain the shape. Then we safety-pinned it to the lapels of the jacket.

On Saturday night we went out dressed up to see local punk bands The Dreadnoughts and Creepshow. Because it was pouring rain we didn’t take any nice photos at the cemetery like I’d hoped. We’re going to try to get photos next weekend, so fingers crossed the weather cooperates.

Note: Post title is from the song “This is Halloween” during the opening sequence of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: