On Sunday I went to a different fabric store to look at the selection of blue-patterned fabric. Last time I went to Dressew because it’s right by my work, and I liked the fabric I selected but I didn’t love it. So I went to Fabricland on Sunday morning and found a gorgeous blue fabric with flowerpots and swirls. I did want a more ‘damask‘ look… the first fabric was more paisley-ish… and this is more floral. The damask prints I did find would be too big for a 16″ square pillow. I liked both patterns I chose, but this second fabric is darker and richer, which I like more.

Tonight I spent some time measuring, cutting, ironing, pinning, and sewing. Take a look at the finished product!

New pillows on the couch

The pillow cases are an “envelope” style so no zippers (which I totally fail at)! The pattern/instructions are from Sew Subversive: Down & Dirty DIY for the Fabulous Fashionista by The Stitch Lounge (Melissa Rannels, Melissa Alvarado, and Hope Meng).

I’ve been in an online sewing class and I picked up some of the recommended tools. My favourite so far is the corner-pokey tool to make sharp, pointy corners.

New pillows cases

Craig untangling yarnThis weekend I glumly showed my tangled yarn ball to CW (since I’d explained the situation to him). And guess what! He offered to untangle it! Yaay! It’s all happily balled up now and ready to ponder what pattern it should be knit into. I’m definitely thinking shawl… maybe Simple Things or Bakersfield. Wishful thinking is the Traveling Woman Shawl. I think it’s beyond my skill level at this point.

Also, I plunged back into my shawl at Knitting Night yesterday. I’d guestimate I’m about one third done the pattern (Argante).

My Argante Shawl is one third done

I think I’ve gotten over the apparent ‘loss’ of my crafty mojo. In fact, it may never have been lost in the first place… I think I just felt discouraged by the yarn tangle and the fabric miscalculation. Anyway, I’ve even started to look at sewing projects and tutorials online as well as sewing books from the library… so I’m feeling very inspired.