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Talking about lit to flick: Before the Dawn podcast

This past week I was thrilled (and nervous) to be a guest host for Before the Dawn, a podcast for book to screen adaptations, especially YA fiction. The show originated in 2009 as a Twilight podcast created by movie bloggers… Continue Reading →

Proud to be a FictionKNITsta

Earlier this autumn I heard about the FICTIONista project which is a collaborative of independent Canadian publishers to bring together female authors for meaningful book events. With the recently launched CWILA (Canadian Women in Literary Arts) drawing more and more… Continue Reading →

Still Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Give a book! If you need some great (newish, Canadian) recommendations, check out the Advent Book Blog. The Advent Book Blog is now in its third year and this is my second year participating (if I recall correctly). This year… Continue Reading →

Promote Literacy: Donate your unwanted books

Did you know1 that: Among working age Canadians, 3 million (14.6%) struggle with very serious literacy challenges. They have difficulty with even the most basic written materials. Another 5.8 million (27%) can work with print information but not well. More… Continue Reading →

The GoodReads vs. LibraryThing debate continued

So I began playing around with GoodReads. Several of you may notice I tried to add you. I have to say though, I’m not that impressed. First of all, GoodReads didn’t recognize nearly 100 of my books from LibraryThing. Now… Continue Reading →

Next week is Freedom to Read Week 2011

February 20-26 is Freedom to Read Week 2011 — the Canadian version of Banned Books Week. I like Freedom to Read Week’s message: positive, open, and cheerful. Every year I say I’m going to read a challenged/banned book but never… Continue Reading →

LibraryThing vs. GoodReads

I’ve been using LibraryThing for a couple years now. I started with Shelfari but didn’t like the interface or widgets and quickly switched to LibraryThing. I enjoy the Early Reviewers program, although as of late haven’t had anything appeal to… Continue Reading →

Book Review :: Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore is a hilarious fiction writer. The first novel of his I read, A Dirty Job, had me laughing out loud. Then I picked up Fool, a satirical comedy loosely based on Shakespeare’s King Lear, which I also enjoyed…. Continue Reading →

Reading Lies

I suggested a question for Booking Through Thursday back in March when I saw an article online: “2 out of 3 Britons have lied about the books they’ve read“. I am flattered to have another question of mine chosen for… Continue Reading →

Blogger-Inspired Reads

One of the topics that escaped my notice during the ever-busy Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW), was “blog about a book you read only because you discovered it on another book blog.” Unfortunately I can’t remember where I learned half… Continue Reading →

Happy BBAW!

Today is the first day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week! As part of the daily BBAW blogging topics, we’re supposed to write a post thanking and spotlighting your favorite blogs that didn’t make the shortlists. So um, since I’m busy…… Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Barnacle Love

After posting my review and thoughts about Barnacle Love, I thought how I first felt hearing about the book. I thought, “okay, sounds interesting, but what’s so good about it?” And by the end of the book, I could answer… Continue Reading →

Freedom to Read Week


TBR Mountain: Holiday Plan of Attack?

Okay so I’ve gotten a lot of books accumulated here, and I definitely would like to read a few over the holidays. The only problem is the weight of my luggage both going to England (Dec.15), and coming home (Jan.3)…. Continue Reading →

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