I’ve been using LibraryThing for a couple years now. I started with Shelfari but didn’t like the interface or widgets and quickly switched to LibraryThing. I enjoy the Early Reviewers program, although as of late haven’t had anything appeal to me from there.

I’ve also been working with LibraryThing’s vast resources to try and rebuild my childhood reading list. For books you read but don’t recall the name of, there is a group called Name That Book where you can post what you remember about a book and others will help find the title/author. I’ve been enjoying using LibraryThing a lot.

Then today, I hit my “limit”. I wasn’t even aware there was a limit with LibraryThing! I got this message:

Free memberships are limited to 200 books. Upgrade to a paid membership and catalog as many books as you like.

So I read about the memberships. You can do a yearly membership for $10 (typically) or a ‘lifetime’ membership for $25 (typically). However, GoodReads is free no matter how many books you have. I’m not sure if they’ll always be free, or if GoodReads is ad-supported… but part of me likes LibraryThing and wants to support it. I don’t know.

So I’m asking other bookish types: What do you use to track your books? Why do you like it?