So I began playing around with GoodReads. Several of you may notice I tried to add you. I have to say though, I’m not that impressed.

First of all, GoodReads didn’t recognize nearly 100 of my books from LibraryThing. Now I know they aren’t exactly identical, but with LibraryThing I can select the edition and cover art and each piece of information that relates to my copy, while still being in the LT database. However with GoodReads, it appears that when I selected specific editions in LT, GR doesn’t bother care work like that. I also didn’t like GR’s shelf system. I liked how I could rename my shelves with LT.

Second of all, I like my LT widget on the blog! I spent a good deal of time working on my sidebars and customizing the information that goes in there. I enjoy the simple design of LibraryThing’s book widget as well as the simple Javascript it uses. Nothing too heavy on the eyes or the back end.

Third of all, I like LT overall already… why should I change? Also, if I like it, why shouldn’t I support them by buying a membership. I do it with Flickr Pro. I think the main reason I waffled is because no where was this clearly explained (at least not when I signed up). I’d like to see LT be more upfront about the 200 book limit, similar to how Flickr is upfront about the 200 image / 3 sets limit. I like transparency in a company’s/organization’s operations and policies.

So, to make a long story short, I believe I will be going back to LibraryThing, deleting my GoodReads account (unless I can find a better use for it) and buying a LT membership.