Okay so I’ve gotten a lot of books accumulated here, and I definitely would like to read a few over the holidays. The only problem is the weight of my luggage both going to England (Dec.15), and coming home (Jan.3). Ikes! So here are some of the books on my list, if anyone has a recommendation on what to read first, or what to leave home… please put your two cents in!

  • XYZ Trilogy by Karen Rivers
  • The Man Game by Lee Henderson
  • The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff
  • Barnacle Love by Anthony De Sa
  • The Flying Troutmans by Miriam Toews
  • The Origin of Species by Nino Ricci

And I have this amazing desire to buy books AT the airport. I love finding a great “plane reading material”. That’s how I read Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, my first or second Christmas in England.