Before the Dawn - podcastThis past week I was thrilled (and nervous) to be a guest host for Before the Dawn, a podcast for book to screen adaptations, especially YA fiction.

The show originated in 2009 as a Twilight podcast created by movie bloggers Shannon and Marina. I know Marina from a local BookCrossing meetup here in Vancouver. Shannon is unable to record the podcast for a few weeks so Marina emailed me to see if I’d be interested in recording with her.

Before the Dawn is a weekly show, alternating between news and theme shows, and Marina sent me a whole bunch of links to news items we’d discuss—including new Divergent photos and a Mortal Instruments (City of Bones) trailer. The show is conversational and the tone is chatty, so as I read these news articles I made notes about my thoughts. But, on these various websites, I began to fall into a rabbit hole of lit to flick news. I ended up sending Marina several more links to articles with upcoming book adaptations.

My biggest concern before recording was that I didn’t have something to say about each of the news items. For example, there is a new trailer for the second Percy Jackson movie, but I’ve never read Percy Jackson and the Olympians and haven’t even seen the first movie. But it all turned out fine. Recording the podcast was a bit nerve-racking, and while the podcast isn’t heavily edited, Marina did take out a bad stumble of mine. However, I did forget to ask about spoilers until after, and Marina says that they assume the audience has read (or is aware) of most of the books.

Oh… and there was one piece of news we were both very giddy about…. and if you’re a fan of Diana Gabaldon, you’ll want to listen to hear the news!

Listen to Episode 175 of Before the Dawn.

P.S. I love how detailed the Show Notes are!