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House Guest

Henry’s not quite sure what to make of him. They sniff each other, they ignore each other, they frighten each other when the other moves suddenly… I’m going to be very amused for the next two weeks. The bunny’s name… Continue Reading →

Knitted Kitty, Sleeping Cowl

As you may know, Henry is a yarn snob. He only fondles fibres with 100% natural content. Therefore, I believed my cowl being knit with Nashua Ivy (50% alpaca, 45% merino, 5% synthetic) was safe. I thought wrong: Fortunately he… Continue Reading →

Mommy Mountain

Many chinchilla owners let their chins romp free in a chin-proofed room. Since chinchillas chew everything and are quite small, you must ensure that there are no electrical wires or small holes for them to get into. My chin-proofed area… Continue Reading →

Two Birds with One Stone

FO + FO = warm Monnibo!! Sorry for the crappy bathroom photos… but when you finish at midnight-thirty, during the winter season no less, there aren’t going to be any outdoor shots. Maybe later when I’m in England we’ll get… Continue Reading →

Henry + Dewey = Identical!

When I got the book, Dewey, I promptly put it on the floor to introduce Henry to his twin. The photo on the cover of Dewey is the cat himself when he was just under a year old (according to… Continue Reading →

Chico, my man!

You probably haven’t seen Chico the Chinchilla as often as Henry the cat, but that’s because chinchilla’s are quick and don’t photograph as well. But it’s great to have a video of the little guy! This is him taking a… Continue Reading →

Squishy Withdrawl Symptoms now on the decline

*big deep sigh of relief* Cats are a big part of my life. Spending 5 months cat-less is not something I’d like to do again. Although I realize they are not the only thing in life, they are certainly fun… Continue Reading →

Kitteh Withdrawl

I’ve been having a bit of Henry withdrawl, but fortunately a number of neighbour’s cats have been visiting me. Do you remember FluffyGirl? Well she came into the house willingly – just waltzed in the backdoor sniffing. After exploring for… Continue Reading →

Knitting and Kitty

Pretty much the day after I posted the Garlerlac Dishcloth, I finished it. Then I had to photograph it with my cat. I also wanted to share a story about my Henry. He and I have a very special relationship… Continue Reading →

Cat Time

Rigor Mortis or Super Happy? Princess Henry – Stuff On My Cat Environmentally ‘Unconscious’ Cat – sleeping in my paper recycling box

NOT a Cherry Tree?

Here’s the story – Pacific Rim Magazine‘s cover story is about Dr. David Lam and his Cherry Blossom Vision for Vancouver… well when I told my dad about that a few weeks ago, he was totally excited. He started boasting… Continue Reading →

Henry killed the snake

I knit Henry a snake by mother’s request. He loves it. As soon as he met it he killed it with his claw and teeth and marched into the kitchen carrying his conquest in his mouth. I believe that he… Continue Reading →

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