Pretty much the day after I posted the Garlerlac Dishcloth, I finished it. Then I had to photograph it with my cat.

I also wanted to share a story about my Henry. He and I have a very special relationship that my father says he’s never seen this type of affection in a cat before. I am his mom; when he was a kitten, he would cry downstairs at night, so I bought his food and his litter box up to my room, and let him sleep with me. When he went outside, he got stuck up a tree (one year ago this Thanksgiving!) and I climbed up the ladder to get him down. [He’s now an indoor cat because he got stuck up the tree twice more.]

Henry sleeps beside my pillow most of the night; he licks my face all over just to say hello several times a day; he plays and chews on my pony tail when I’m holding him; and he sleeps in my bed during the day. My Squishy sits on the top of my computer chair while I’m working; and we wheel my computer chair to the window for him when I’m not using it. He answers to my voice (meows back), comes when I call (by a variety of names), and follows me around the house. It is going to be very difficult to live without my Henry and I hope that he doesn’t have some cat-depression when I leave.