FO + FO = warm Monnibo!!

Sorry for the crappy bathroom photos… but when you finish at midnight-thirty, during the winter season no less, there aren’t going to be any outdoor shots. Maybe later when I’m in England we’ll get some photos with me and the dogs at the Racecourse! Here’s some photos my boyfriend took yesterday when he took the dogs there:

Oh wait, back to the knitting! So the scarf is done, and it would have been done a long time ago if I hadn’t decided to be cheap when making the earwarmers. Instead of buy another ball of the dark purple yarn, I decided to just use the centre pull of the current ball, and unravel the scarf as necessary. I ripped back maybe 7 or 8 rows, which isn’t bad at all. It’s still a good length.

And I LOVE the earwarmers! They are the perfect snugness, and they look adorable. I am amazed at how awesome simple cables can look! I’ll definitely still bring my hat from last November… but now I have earwarmers too!

And look, new talent: mattress stitch.

But now, I put the question to you, knitters ’round the blogosphere: tassels or no tassels? Here is the amount I have left of the light purple. There is no dark purple left, except ends to weave in.