You probably haven’t seen Chico the Chinchilla as often as Henry the cat, but that’s because chinchilla’s are quick and don’t photograph as well. But it’s great to have a video of the little guy!

This is him taking a dust bath. Chinchilla’s have such fine and delicate fur that they should never get wet. They have to roll around in special dust to clean their fur, and it really makes him shine!

I’ve had Chico since 2000 (I believe), so he’s about 8 years old, and he’s got another 20 – 25 to go! Chinchilla’s average lifespan is 25 – 30 years. They’re durable, cute little animals. While I was in England, my best friend Evan looked after him. Him, his mom, and his younger sister all spoiled Chico to no end – he was even allowed to “run wild” in Evan’s bedroom. I can’t let Chico do that because there are so many tasty wires to chew on. However, I let him romp around the bathtub, and managed to snap a few photos!