“In the tunnel where I was raped, a tunnel which was once an underground entry to an amphitheter, a place where actors burst forth from underneath the seats of a crowd, a girl had been murdered and dismembered. I was told this story by the police. In comparison, they said, I was lucky.”

I aquired this book at the recent Bookcrossing meetup that I went to. This is Alice Sebold’s personal story of how she was raped and managed to survive through the aftermath of the ordeal. I love Alice Sebold’s frank, honest writing style and I truly enjoy the way she tells a story. I would definitely recommend Sebold’s books to anyone who can handle the subject matter; I’ve read Lovely Bones and Almost Moon, and enjoyed the style of writing as well as the first person point of view.

When Alice Sebold hit it big with Lovely Bones, I knew that she’d been raped herself, but I didn’t know all the rest of her story. She lets it all hang out in here – family, friends, coping, police, drugs, sex, etc. – and I am so impressed with her, her story, and her style. Definitely recommend it if you can handle the subject matter and frank language (she calls things what they are).