The scene is set on the weeks leading up to the next Presidential election (how fitting), with Senator Sexton attacking the current President’s funding decisions, particularly NASA. In another part of the story, we are drawn to the Arctic, where NASA has made a breathtaking discovery, unlike any other. The President hasn’t revealed it yet, as he wants both NASA and civilian scientists to confirm the discovery. Rachel Sexton, besides being Senator Sexton’s estranged daughter, is a professional brief writer for the White House. She is whisked off to the Arctic to learn about this amazing find, but in the process she uncovers a horrible secret that could be the undoing of the entire discovery.

I finished this Dan Brown novel over the weekend and it really helped distract me. There are a lot of characters, but they are easy to keep straight (unlike some other novels I’ve read). Dan Brown is an exceptional writer, and I really enjoyed this novel. It was sort of a mystery/general fiction. I would really recommend it for a quick, easy, enjoyable read. His level of writing is very reader-friendly and it’s not a struggle to keep up with the story, plot, and characters.