I’ve made this great, easy recipe twice now, and I can definitely see myself making these often. The recipe—Spice Market Sweet Potato and Lentil Packets—is from the Vegetarian Times website, which is an incredible resource with awesome search functions. I love the simplicity of the recipe because it can easily be customized for different tastes, dietary needs, and gives lots of leftovers.

Spice Market Sweet Potato and Lentil Packets


The first time I made it, one person couldn’t eat mushrooms, soy, and several other things. The second time, I made it for family dinner as a Mother’s Day gift, and I omitted the curry spice in my mom’s packet due to personal preference.

I don’t add any salt or pepper because they’re easy to put on the table. I also tend to cut the vegetables in larger bits than the recipe instructs, so the cooking time is more like 40 minutes.