Evan & I went to go see Sex and the City the movie on Monday night, assuming that it wouldn’t be as busy as it was the opening weekend. Evan wanted to go to the new-ish theatre downtown but the 7:30 and 10:30 shows were sold out so we headed to Metrotown. We got tickets for the 10:00pm show (having missed the 7:00 show which wasn’t even sold out). We had some dinner and wandered around the mall waiting for our theatre to open. During the advertisements, Evan confirmed he was Samantha and we agreed that I was Charlotte. Who are you?

I looooove Sex and the City. I was sad when the series ended, but I definitely felt wrapped up. It’s great that they didn’t leave a cliff-hanger in the series intending to follow up on the movie. The movie acted as an epilogue. Did you know that I have the Sex & the City boxset on DVD? CW bought it for me for Valentines Day this year! I lovelovelove them (but my all-regions DVD player broke and I have to get a new one).

While I went looking for Sex and the City movie images, I found the HBO store… and these awesome martini glasses… I want. In fact, look at all the goodies in the HBO store!

WARNING: Okay here come the SPOILERS! Avert your eyes unless you’ve seen the movie!!

RECAP: This was really well done! Perfect for those who hadn’t watched the series religiously, and a great chance to reminisce for those who had.

CHARLOTTE: Her daughter Lily is absolutely adorable! I felt like she was a little out of the loop because as she said, [she] “got everything she ever wanted.” Everything seemed a little too perfect for Charlotte and it definitely seemed like her life had wrapped up all together, her issues were all covered in the series, and there wasn’t much more to do.

SAMANTHA: Her “reclaiming” herself from Smith was pretty true to her character. I am so proud of her for not just slipping into her old patterns and having sex with Dante (the hot L.A. neighbour). I don’t understand why she and Smith Jerrod couldn’t work something out — she could get another PR rep for him and they could do the long distance thing. Either way, I felt that Samantha’s style and character was spot on in the movie, and I’m really impressed by her power as a woman.

MIRANDA: I was glad that they didn’t just “fall apart” again due to her intimacy issues and him being immature. This time they had a legitimate problem of intimacy and violated trust. I can understand how her character wouldn’t forgive him, totally Miranda. But I’m really glad they went to counselling and that meeting on the bridge in 2 weeks to commit that the past was behind them — what a crazy idea. That would be so difficult to just decide the past was the past and never bring it up. I think they definitely have some work to do but I love that they both committed to staying together. P.S. Steve looked old!

CARRIE: I was sooo angry! I couldn’t believe that Big tried to freak out on the wedding day. I couldn’t believe she would try to blame Miranda (it wasn’t her fault Big got cold feet)! I was happy that they ultimately ended up together, and she was totally right that she “let the wedding get bigger than Big”. She did look gorgeous in the dress, but on the other hand, it was his third wedding and that doesn’t look good for him. I say have a small personal thing, and then do the big “for show” ceremony / reception with everyone… that might be what I choose to do. Anyway, I was so angry that they almost didn’t get married, but I thought the ending was perfect. I love Big (aka Chris Noth)’s laugh / cheeky grin when he invited the girls to meet Carrie at the courthouse. And the dinner of close friends was perfect!

OVERALL: I’m glad they looked their age. I don’t think they needed to “finally” reveal Samantha’s age. I don’t think Carrie has as many kooky outfits as in the series, but I thought that there were some pretty spiffy outfits. I loved Miranda’s bathing suit when they were in Mexico. The cut was just sooo flattering for someone with some lovely hips! Some great jokes as well: sex = colouring! haha.