Guess what guess what guess what! I’m almost done my first pair of Fiber Trends Felt Clogs! Look look look! I just have to felt them!

On Sunday I went to meet some other Vancouver Knitters at Calhoun’s in Kitsilano. Nice place, really big with lots of tables… yet we still had trouble finding room and chairs! It was full in there, but not packed. We had some nice conversation, talked about WIPs, some people brought out their FOs to show too. There was also the general knitting gossip about KnitPicks Options (ooh … ahh…) as Chelle had a set of the dpns from KnitPicks. I also mentioned the Sheepies Converse I saw on the Converse website.

As I mentioned a few posts back, Maggie sent me some lovely blue, purple-flecked, 100% pure alpaca!

I cannot wait to knit it up as I’ve decided what to make already! KnitPicks has free patterns and seeing as I’ve never tried Feather and Fan before, I think I’m up for the task: Shadow Scarf (the same pattern also describes knitting the Andean Treasure Shawl and the Suri Dream Throw).

As some of you Vancouverites already know, Burnaby Knitworks is closing. I found out on Ravelry’s Terminal City Yarn Wranglers board. So I brought my mom there a couple weekends ago to pick out the yarn for her Gothic Leaf Stole (pattern by Sivia Harding). Basically I walked around the store looking for the weight I needed for the pattern, then showed it to her in her “colours”. She is a brown, cream, camel, taupe, burgundy/red-wine type of woman. Here is the alpaca that she picked. I took a ton of photos and this actually shows the colour accurately.