Here are the clogs for my dad all felted and shaped. I stuffed the clogs full of plastic bags to shape them while they dried. I must give a huge thanks to momslake on the KR Forum… she helped me with my questions and told me to “just knit and don’t try to understand the instructions.” It sounds silly but honestly, these clogs don’t make sense until you’re completely done knitting one. (I hid them under the sink to dry because my dad would never look there!)

And here is my WIP Resolution: No more new projects until I finish the 2 snoozefest scarves… I mean the ribbed scarf for my sister and the scarf for my BF.

I only just started the ribbed scarf because I wanted to make her a Christmas gift… and CW’s scarf I’ve been plodding along at for a reeeeeally long while. It’s been the ultimate-UFO-WIP-project. (I don’t know what the pattern or stitch is but it’s K1, yo, K2tog)