Chelle taught me to crochet probably two years ago. She gave me a gift with a gorgeous crochet hook, WIP bag and 2 balls of KnitPicks Shine in garden green. It was a lovely gift and I went around in a circle crocheting double and chaining randomly in between. According to my Ravelry project page, I’ve been crocheting this since May 6, 2008. heh…

Well look at me now:

I had no plan, I just kept crocheting in a circle. I did have to rip back several times as I (1) learned to decrease and (2) tried to make it fit my head. Once my circle got too large, my idea had been slouchy hat, and I am proud to have pulled it off successfully.

Then I grabbed some pink yarn — My Strawberry Cheesecake from When Sheep Dream which I won in the Hot Cocoa Swap (round 2) for my Marshmallow Diver. I crocheted the flower from the same pattern as wenchlette’s wedding flowers.

I am really impressed with how it turned out. I did a few rounds of single crochet at the end to create a band. I wore it on Monday and it’s super easy to wear — tuck my hair behind my ears, place it on my head, and the bobby pins above my ears to hold it in place. I’m not much of a “hat person” because of my long hair, so this is the perfect compromise.