On Thursday Chelle and I met up at Steeps on Broadway for my crochet lesson! I’d originally suggested 3pm so of course even though we’d decided on 2pm, I’d had 3 stuck in my head… by the time I realized that it was supposed to be 2, I was already late… not to mention Vancouver afternoon traffic.

I finished my ugh-ly first crochet cloth-thing! Ta da!!

Chelle gave me a lovely belated bday gift / welcome home:

Such a cute little bag!! Perfect for a small project as I don’t have one of those. Sooo soft KnitPicks ShineWorsted in “Grass”. I can’t get a true colour — it’s not that mossy/muted… it’s really rich! And the sexiest needle/hook I’ve ever owned — Brittany wood (nom nom nom). Thanks sooo much Chelle!

And I started to crochet in a circle! I must remember my slip stitch when I finish the circle to go up to the next round, instead of spiraling.

(at Steeps)

(at home) This colour is a little more acurate for the yarn.