I’m sure you’ve all heard about “Paying it Forward” either the movement, or the foundation. Maybe you’ve seen the movie, read the book (like me), or even participated in a knitters PIF.

Well, I recently finished the novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde and although the timeline was confusing (unexplained flash forwards), I thought it was really well written and an amazing idea – not just for a novel, but for world change.

“It all started with a school project: Think of an idea for world change and put it into action.”

This novel is about twelve-year-old Trevor and his school project. He thought he would do something nice for three people, but instead of returning the favour to him, he would ask them to pay it forward. The most interesting part of this novel is that Trevor thinks it’s failing, but due to the omniscient narrative, we know that it is infact working. It’s actually amazing how fast and far it grows.

I was given this novel by Random House Children’s Books in the UK when I was doing my internship there. They had it in overstock in the “charity cupboard”. Whenever someone would write to ask Random House to donate books, they’d go to the charity cupboard and send some books on their way.

My Way to Pay it Forward:

This book really touches you. It made me a bit teary-eyed, but it’s also showing how simple it is to just help a few other people out. Now I don’t have 3 copies of this novel to Pay it Forward, but I have got some other books. SEE THE NEW POST ABOVE FOR MORE INFO!

Full disclosure: I received a copy from the “Charity Cupboard” while interning at Random House Children’s Books UK