I just stormed right through this novel, and loved it. New Moon is the second book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. (Read my post about Twilight here). New Moon begins with Bella reluctantly celebrating her 18th birthday, as Edward’s eternal age is 17. They are just recovering from the near-death incident in Twilight, when an all too common accident (for Bella) results in the Cullen family deciding to leave town. Edward vows that Bella is better off without him and when he leaves, she sinks into a zombie-like state, only going through the motions of life with no emotions at all.

Until, Bella decides to be reckless with her old friend Jacob Black, just to feel the rush of adrenaline through her body. Through her friendship with Jacob, Bella begins to heal from the pain and hurt of Edward leaving… but when Jacob starts ignoring her too, Bella doesn’t know what she’s done.

As Jacob struggles to understand this new stage in his life, he also battles with his feelings for Bella. When she finally figures out (with a little help from Jacob) that he is actually a werewolf, thought to be just a legend in the tribe, she is accepted without hesitation by the pack. But when Alice (Edward’s sister) believes she foresees Bella drowning, she is thrust back into friendship with the Cullen family as she goes to convince Edward she isn’t dead (before he can commit his own immortal-suicide).

The story is compelling and unique. It captures your interest and draws you into the world of Bella Swan, with her vampire boyfriend and werewolf best friend, without alienating you. The emotions are well-sculpted and very human (especially for other-worldly creatures!). It’s not high-brow literature and some of the relationships are a little over-the-top, but it’s fun to read.