CW said this to me as I was getting upset at the stupid increases and decreases.

1. I can’t increase on a purl row. I just… don’t know how. The knit into the back of the stitch method doesn’t work on purl. I don’t have a picture for this one… but I do have a display for my general incompetence:

That is (K2tog) till end. P 1 row. (Inc1 in every stitch) till end. with st-st on either side.

2. I can’t increase on the end of a row without it looking stupid and mangled.


3. I’m left with a stupid looking bar when I increase 1 (by knitting into the back of the stitch again before dropping it off the needle.)

And d. This is a gift and it’s going to end up being retarded looking.

Oh and 4. This was supposed to be a quick and easy FO to get me back in the mood. I have been procrastinating knitting CW’s Christmas Scarf (which never got finished). I told myself not to CO until I finished the scarf. Did I? No. Now I’ve started another project, and I’ve not even CO my mom’s stole! When did knitting become stressful? Maybe this year should have been about knitting for me. :(

P.S. Yes I know this is a mishmash of numbers and letters. I was trying to be humourous… I probably came off bitchy or whiney. I didn’t think I was this bad at increases & decreases…. well mostly increases… but still. I must be doing something wrong.