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Multnomah Knitting Progress

I didn’t take any knitting project with me travelling, and I barely read any of my novels (I brought 2), so I’m quite surprised to be so far along this project (and in my TBR pile). I cast on in… Continue Reading →

Just Keep Knitting

So last time I blogged about knitting, I had not finished Gnome for Festivus, I was planning to frog Argante, start Gaenor, and cast on for some fingerless gloves. I still haven’t finished Gnome. Here is how much I’ve knit… Continue Reading →

Knitting Luuurve

I have a lot of Mirasol yarn in my stash, and I often pet it and wonder what it will become one day. I have four skeins (in two different colours) of Mirasol Miski, and one skein of Mirasol Hacho…. Continue Reading →

Luna Cast On

I trekked out to Burnaby yesterday to meet Chelle and her precious ball winder for a Knitting Meetup. It was really nice, I wound all three balls of the Cascade Luna and then cast on for the Quickie Cowl. And… Continue Reading →

Not to jinx myself… but…

I’m knitting a cuddly bunny. This yarn just screamed Easter, and I know that I’ve missed Easter but shut up I don’t care. I wanted to use it to knit those Easter Eggs too (I have the pattern that Michelle… Continue Reading →

“For someone who likes knitting, you get awfully angry with it.”

CW said this to me as I was getting upset at the stupid increases and decreases. 1. I can’t increase on a purl row. I just… don’t know how. The knit into the back of the stitch method doesn’t work… Continue Reading →

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