I finished the second dishcloth for Anne’s (The Bag Lady and the Pro) contest. I am so excited that it didn’t do any horrible pooling of colours.

Pattern: Anne’s Untitled Dishcloth II.
My name for it: Waves
Why: Not just because of my blue yarn… but because the little squares look like ripples and then the purl columns look like wave-impressions left in the sand.
Yarn Used: Bernat Cotton. “Swimming Pool” colourway.
Needles Used: Bamboo 5mm (US 8) straights

How I Knit: Mixture of Continental and English and Lazyness. Here’s the story – when I learned to knit, my teacher taught all 29 of us at once. I did go back and knit more than the other students, but learning, I just did what was easiest to get the desired outcome. So I hold the yarn in my left hand (ala Continental), but I wrap the yarn with my hand (similar to English method)… and the Lazyness part is probably because of how I wrap the yarn… instead of holding the needles together in one hand while I wrap the yarn, I stick my left needle under my armpit. Super stupid/lazy/weird I know… But when I learned, it worked, and I can knit and purl like that no problem. Embarrassing.