What does the end of 2007 hold for my knitting needles?

I joined the Christmas Knit-along, hosted by Michelle of InsanKnitty. I also made a button with the bauble I made from Jean Greenhouse’s Christmas Knits. CW’s Grandma PC gave me the book (her neighbour had an extra) and when I finished the bauble I sent it to Grandma PC as a thank-you and show-off (just a little).

I just cast on Fiber Trends Felt Clogs for Dad (Christmas). I’m making them out of Cascade 220 “Charcoal” and I have to admit… I’m quite nervous! They look ginormous… and I’m worried about them looking wonky-shaped too. I tend to do this with knitting patterns. It’s part of the appeal – you see the finished product, and really that’s why you buy the pattern – yet you reeeally don’t know what yours is going to look like until you’re done. You only have this vague idea; sometimes it makes me nervous.

In the Plans: A giant-arse lace project! I showed my mom the Gothic Leaf Stole by Sivia Harding, and asked her if she’d like that for Christmas/Birthday (her birthday is in December). She said it was gorgeous and asked if she could pick the colour! Awww… I said of course – let’s go to my favourite LYS, Three Bags Full. I’m so excited to share my hobby with my mother! She said maybe one day she’ll knit, but for now she is too busy.

For Friends: About a bazillion dishcloths with handmade (yet storebought) soaps. Besides… I won’t be here for Christmas… or New Years… or my Birthday… maybe not even summer!

Did I mention I’m leaving November 10th to go live in England? CW and I are going to be in London for a few months (he’s down there for school), then after New Years we’ll move up to Manchester.