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This is Halloween, everyone scream

Happy Halloween everybody! This is my favourite holiday… so I go all out. This year I dyed my hair red to complete my Sally costume. My BF even suggested he go as Jack—no coercion required! To make Sally’s dress, I… Continue Reading →

Stanley Park Ghost Train — Alice in Nightmareland

I can’t remember ever going on the Stanley Park train, at least not since I was a wee tot. So when I heard that the Ghost Train theme this year was Alice in Nightmareland, complete with stilt-walkers and actors, I… Continue Reading →

Vancouver Haunted Trolley Tour

Several weeks ago I asked my dad if he wanted to go on the Vancouver Haunted Trolley Tour with me. He’s a fan of local history and even wrote a historical newsletter for the local community centre for several years…. Continue Reading →

Night for All Souls

On Halloween night we decided to head over to Mountain View Cemetery for the 5th Annual Night for All Souls. It started on Friday October 30 as a celebration for the deceased with candles, shrines, flowers, and other personal memorials…. Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favourite holiday; I love dressing up, carving pumpkins, and the general fun atmosphere.I’ve had some very creative costumes over the years — last year I was a fairy (sewn from scratch), I’ve been an Oompa Loompa, Edward… Continue Reading →

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