I love swapping. It’s great fun and I love meeting new bloggers and knitters!

I know how difficult it is to choose things that a stranger is going to like, so I thought I’d write some things down here so that you will have an easier time of it. Maybe get some ideas… get to know my style, that sort of thing!

  • I drink copious amounts of tea. I like black tea with milk and sugar. I like trying different blends, but I’m more of a pekoe girl than an Earl Grey.
  • I like chocolate. Minimal on the fruit, mint chocolate is devine. Milk, occasionally white chocolate, but not dark.
  • I love McVitie’s Digestives Light. I’ve only ever found the light ones in England. You know, all McVities are nice.
  • Cookies are nice.
  • My favourite colour is blue. I like royal, navy, ocean, lake, vibrant… nice, rich blues… sometimes a baby blue if it’s the right paleness.
  • I also like gray, purple, pink, brown, white, black, and sometimes green.
  • Green is tricky: I like a natural leaf, grass, bright, emerald, vibrant, lake green. I don’t like pale, moss, khaki, dull green.
  • Red is tricky too: vibrant, bright, cherry.
  • I collect lambs and ducks (to an extent). I’ve managed to curb my collection, it’s not obsessive, but I definitely like them.
  • My favourite season is Autumn because of the colours the leaves turn. I love those colours together, but separate, they have to be the perfect hue.
  • I mostly knit things that I like the pattern of. I haven’t really done any garments, but I would like to. I’ve done slippers. I’d like to do a blanket.
  • I love dangley earrings. I make jewellery but I rarely keep it — they’re usually gifts.
  • I gave up coffee. It was giving me stomach aches.
  • I love reading. I enjoy taking recommendations for books too.
  • I like cooking. I’m a vegetarian and always looking for nice recipes. I like simple, 30-minute meal type things.
  • I like mild, fresh scents. I have a diffuser with oils — I have lemon, peppermint, lavender, and satsuma. Fresh citrus smells I like. I don’t like super-heavy-purfumey scents.
  • I like candles, I do use them.
  • I have a unique collection of mugs. My mom’s all match and have bamboo engraved on them… mine are all unique – two Mind The Gap London mugs, Montreal, Nightmare Before Christmas, and a Pooh Bear where it looks like he’s stuck in the side of Rabbit’s hole… and his bottom sticks out and his head sticks out. They are hollow too; more room for tea!

More to be added as I think of it. I like when people send something they would recommend. That’s how I started reading this amazing book series by Terry Goodkind, my boyfriend told me to read it and gave me the books. Personal recommendations are always good.