Dressew is the best place in town to go if you’re a sewer/crafter, however, the selection of yarn (at $1.99/ball) has always been low-quality. It’s fantastic if you need eyelash, novelty yarn, or acyrlic for your project. But this weekend, rumours began to fly around the knitting community that there was good yarn at Dressew, quality yarn.

Since I work in the same block as Dressew (it takes great willpower), I popped in on Monday to see if it was worth the fuss. Let this photo be your answer:


You make think I went overboard (you’re not a knitter are you?) but for $1.99/ball, there is no “overboard”, there is only good deals!For the knitters who want the details, here are the yarn names and links to my Stash on Ravelry:

These yarns are all wool, alpaca, mohair… quality fibres. They also had superwash wool and other great yarns. I haven’t heard of Nashua Handknits before… but I’m not complaining! Now… off to look at my faves and queue some great patterns in Ravelry!