Michelle recently posted about her friend’s 7-year-old son who has an inoperable tumor on his brain stem. His name is Luke and he’ll be going in for radiation treatment soon. Michelle wanted to knit him a lovely blanket, but of course because time is of the essence with these sorts of medical situations, she doesn’t have time to knit an entire blanket. She implored other knitters (if they could) to knit her squares (preferably 8×8) and send them to her.

Here are the squares I made for Luke’s blanket:

“L” for Luke [free pattern link] [entire knitted alphabet]

Transformers [free pattern link]

Sorry Michelle, they didn’t turn out 8×8…. I agree with you on your Cloth Pattern Whys (and should do so myself too!):

#2 Why don’t folks (MYSELF INCLUDED HERE) include gauge or better yet, completed cloths size in their dishcloth patterns

Also, if you’d like to track Luke’s progress, or sign his guestbook with words of encouragement, his parents are running a Caring Bridge blog/website for him.