You thought I knit? You thought right! Haha…. I admit I am a slow knitter, and I definitely like to be motivated and inspired by what I’m making. The unfortunate thing is that I don’t like to start new projects until I’ve finished my old ones. So I’ve had two gifts OTN (on the needles) – one for CW, his Christmas scarf, and one for my mom, the Gothic Leaf Stole – and I haven’t wanted to knit either one!

But… I finally finished CW’s scarf last night, and to celebrate I said we should go for a nice long walk today. I wanted to get some photos of him with it. This was my favourite shot, it was when he started walking saying I could get some “action shots”.

scarf on CW

scarf alone

stitch close up
Cast on any multiple of 3. K1, yo, K2tog.