I was reading my Knitting Daily Newsletter and as my internet slooooowly loaded the content, I began to think about the title. Do you put yourself in a Box? Now, if you’ve read the newsletter you’ll know that it’s about shaping garments, but that’s not what I thought the title was referring to. I though that it mean “beginner, advanced, socks-only, expert, crazy-expert, super-beginner, instant-gratification, crochets-too, crochet-only, yarn-snob, caffeine-necessary” and various other typecasts.

I suppose there is a bit of Scouts Knitting Badge idea in there. I have the Talking Badge, for of course the blog. I also have my Level 1 MacGyver badge (use of a non-knitting item during knitting) which was when I sharpened chopsticks into knitting needles at camp to teach Scott how to knit. Michelle just got accepted to Knitty earning her Knitty badge!

I’m a beginning-to-be-advanced, instant-gratification, rerun/TV-DVD, slow, tea-laden knitter. That’s a lotta boxes. What are you?