Yes, you read correctly… times 8. For any non-knitters, the term “rip” or “frogging” is used whenever you unravel something you’ve knitted. It’s often called “frogging” because you ‘rip-it, rip-it’… and if you pull quickly enough, the stitches coming apart make little pop-pop-pop sounds like ribbits.

My personal ball-winder hard at work!

Shield the little-one’s eyes — my naked hot water bottle!

And attempt number 8 (At least I think its number 8… I kind of lost count). It seems like every time I get to this point, I find something wrong and have to frog it.

Question For The Knitters: Regarding Cables

Do you ever have this little ‘gap’ when you cross the cable over? It’s not a proper hole, but it’s a gap where the furthest stitch left stretches to it’s new position, and the middle stitch coming over doesn’t have anything holding it in the previous row.

Do visuals help?