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FO: Chunky Cabled Hat.

I’ve never knit a hat before, but I thought I’d do best to finish it before my flight, so I stayed up till 2:30am knitting on Friday night (Nov. 9th). I’ve done cables before, and I really liked this pattern. I found it for free on Knitting Pattern Central… and it’s available here.

(I made CW take about 20 photos before I said that there would probably be one good one.)

I used Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton (this is the softest thing in the world!) but it isn’t exactly “chunky” like the pattern calls for. I spoke to a lady at Three Bags Full (my Vancouver LYS) and she suggested I cast on 77 stitches instead of 66 (pattern repeats in 11). I tried it, but it wasn’t squishy enough, so I held the yarn doubled and it worked out really well pattern-wise. In terms of yarn, I almost didn’t have enough to finish – the pattern calls for 80 yards and a hank of Organic Cotton is 150 yards. CW and I both think that the hat looks a little short too, even though I followed the proper measurements in the pattern.