Evan got home from Europe last Thursday (and his birthday was yesterday). He came over Sunday after work and I gave him his Birthday/Christmas gift since I won’t be here for Christmas. And he brought me souvenirs from London. The black mug is identical to my white mug which I am very protective of.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada, so we brought the turkey (with stuffing) to my Uncle’s house in West Vancouver. I thoroughly enjoyed my vegetarian stuffing, lack of turkey, and mushroom gravy. It was delicious – as was the pumpkin pie. I think pumpkin pie is my favourite kind of pie. It’s just great.

Congratulations Mary, who won Anne’s Dishcloth Contest at The Bag Lady and the Pro. Speaking of Anne’s contests — there is another one for the LYS Guide. I submitted one a while back for Three Bags Full as it’s my CLYS (closest local yarn store). There are a couple others in the area but I don’t frequent them as much. I’m sad that Dressew doesn’t have a website. It’s this amazing sewing/notions/costumes/random place. The yarn is a little more on the “craft store” end than quality yarn… but it’s fun to wander around in the costumes. They’re all decked out for Halloween now!

Here is the progress on Fiber Trends Felt Clogs:

I’m done one and a half (by the time I got around to posting this old picture). Although I can’t figure out if I’ve got the clog inside out. Is the stockinette on the outside… or inside? Because when it’s on the inside, the base of the foot is much more defined as the double-thickness.