So I haven’t blogged in a couple days because I just got a job as a temp! Oooh kinda-not-really-exciting.

Holiday knitting is not going well. But holiday plans are on a roll. I’m going to be booking my ticket to England soon. I’m planning to leave in the beginning of December.

I’ve been listening to knitting podcasts (see right column). I’m leaning more towards Cast On than the KnitPicks Podcast. I love how Brenda (Cast On) has a format and sort of sticks to it. It’s like a TV show, where you know what it’s like and you can be guarenteed you’re gonna see something similar/that you like. She’s reeeally making me want to knit myself a sweater but I’m holding out. KnitPicks Podcast has a lot of good resources — but instead of saying “they’re all on the website” like Brenda does, they say the book name and author really slowly so listeners can write it down. Slows the flow down.

I’m gonna go tackle some holiday knitting. Toodles.