Since it’s a secret who I’ve got for the Tea Swap… I’m going to show you my Felted Coasters! This is the first time I felted anything (by accident or on purpose). The pattern I found for felted coasters was circular, but I don’t like circular needles or dpns… so I made square coasters.

Needles: 5mm bamboo
Yarn: Cascade 220
Colour #: 9926

Size Before: 6″ square
Approximately 30 – 35 yards/coaster
Size After: 4.5″ square

To felt them, I tied them up in a pillowcase and threw them in the washer with my jeans load (I’ve been saving it!). It took two washes in hothothot water to felt them completely. Then I rinsed them and stomped on them between a towel. Wet wool smells disgusting, so I dusted them with a bit of Febreze.

I have to gush about the colours in this yarn, I’ve never knit with Cascade before. It’s not really ‘me’ with the red… but it’s the perfect balance between light, medium, and dark tones. The darkest blue is occasional, the darker purple is also occasional (and not necessarily beside the blue), and then the maroon red and the cherry red switch the perfect amount. I took a photo in the sun to try to show you just how gorgeous the Cascade is.