Here is the finished Earthtones Facecloth in a Ribbed Pattern. I knit it on 5mm (US8) straight needles. I used Bernat Handicrafter Ultrasoft Cotton (Made in Canada!) in “Country Sage”. I used the pattern on the label, “Simple Ridge Dish Cloth.” I think I’d like to try to crochet a facecloth too. I’ve not really crocheted much before.

I also decided to knit Anne’s Untitled Dishcloth; here is what I’ve done so far. I am knitting with Bernat Cotton also, in “Creamsicle”. I’m hoping the pattern will be a little more visible once there is more.

CW and I are having a C.S.I. Marathon (Las Vegas) today so I’m knitting facecloths during it. For our anniversary CW bought me CSI Season One… and recently he bought me Season Two as well! He said he’s going to buy me all the seasons because I won’t buy them and treat myself. He really likes TV DVDs — he wants me to watch LOST with him and intends to buy Season One too.