Some might remember my blue booties that I posted about… they are my favourite slippers because we have hardwood floors. But they’re not too tight like socks… and not too thick like proper slippers… yet they are getting thin. I wanted to “recreate” them – only the patterns that were suggested to me were simplified and didn’t look the same as mine. I know it sounds silly – but if it’s comfy, why mess with it?

(drumroll please…………)

Well it’s slow going, but it’s okay. I was altering the pattern a little as went, because I wanted a heel flappy bit, not just the two sides stitched together. (My way makes the foot opening sit open more.

So I’m knitting along, I only really changed the heel, and the base for the foot (knit all the bottom not K1P1 in the toe)…. but something went wrong when I followed the instructions to BO the toe. Yes, I followed the instructions. I guess because my yarn was bulkier… but for whatever reason, it came out really weird. See photo on the left.

My solution: Rip out the seam and frog out the BO… then knit about 6 more rows (since it was a bit snug anyway) and then try the BO again (as well as sewing closed the hole a little). Fabulous! I’m glad I wrote down what I did because now I have to make Slipper #2.