A few weeks ago, I bought my first pair of bamboo needles. After knitting for a while with some bulky yarn, I’ve decided that they have a nice feel, but they aren’t quite smooth enough for me. I’d want another coat of varnish on for the yarn to slide smoothly over the needles. But other than that, very nice, light feel – fully functional and good use of my money.

I checked out the Secret Pal 11, which Chelle told me that they are accepting pals for already. I read through it all, and as much as I would love to do another knitting swap, I think I’m going to hold out for Knit One, Tea Too. As a student, I don’t reeeeally have a lot of money so it’s difficult to spend money buy yarn that I don’t get to knit up. But, I know that I get a nice package, as well as sending off something nice too. And I am a Potter fan… but not a die-hard fan (anyone doing a LOTR knitting swap?!).

While I was at my LYS on Tuesday, I found this 100% cotton Blue Sky Alpaca that I really want now! I’m definitely moving towards more natural fibers. The Lorna’s Laces I saw and the Indigo Moon sock-weight yarn… Yuuummm…. so soft!!! If only my wallet could handle it! I wonder if they’re hiring… I’d get a staff discount right?

I’m gonna bring my knitting out to camp tomorrow and hopefully we’ll get a bit of relax time.