FO: Eyelet Capelet

FO = Finished Object in knitting lingo… and the Eyelet Capelet is my own design! I was originally knitting the Spiderweb Capelet from Stitch N’ Bitch Nation… but I screwed up drastically (accidently cast on 190 sts instead of 90 sts — see image left); after I unravelled it, I was so tired of doing the Spiderweb stitch, that I made this pattern up instead. Simple decreases, simple eyelets — great for any beginner that wants minimal shaping, and great for any seasoned-knitter that wants a relaxed project.

I think I will make a PDF of the Eyelet Capelet pattern and post it for people to print out! Shhh don’t tell my sister but I’m considering knitting her one for her 22nd birthday in July!

Virtual Vacation: Visit Vancouver!

I just sent off my application for the Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap! Basically the idea is when you sign up, you get paired with a knitter somewhere else in the world. Then you have to send them a package reflecting your city… like they are being a tourist in your city (through the package).

You MUST send:

1. Enough yarn for a one skein/small project
2. Souvenirs that are indicative of where you live, either your city, state or if you are International, your country
3. Delicious treats – e.g. chocolate/candy/cake/cookies/tea/coffee that are local to your area
4. Your blog address, or email address so your pal can say hello and thank you .

Other treats you could include:

1. A pattern to go with the yarn (please respect copyright)
2. Candles, Body products, books
3. Knitting notions
4. Anything else you’d like to treat your pal with

I think it should be exciting. It would be awesome to get partnered with someone from England. But even someone on a different coast than myself. I’d be happy with anyone – but the USA is quite similar to Canada in a lot of ways, and I’ve already been to a number of states. It’d be neat to be paired with a Maritime Province person… but internationally – someone in Europe would be so amazing!