Samsung S307 (see right) — I’ve owned it for 3 1/2 years. Evan has been trying to get me to buy a new phone for aaages… but I would always tell him, “It’s not broken!” Even when it went for a wash in the washing machine, it still recovered. It just didn’t have a front display anymore. Heh… heh…. But Monday while I was babysitting, part of the plastic on the front that covers the track for the flippable part broke off – so the whole “flipping” idea is quite a hassle.

Samsung E600 — not only is the the same size, but it is Tri-Band which means I can take it to England with me! And it has a camera (which is neat but I don’t mind either way). Yaaay Tri-Band & identical size!!

The new phone is on the left and my old phone is on the right. IDENTICAL!