This post is mainly for my sister, Bonnie, who is living in Hamburg, Germany right now.

These two photos are bonsai that dad made. The first is “Cypress Grove” and it’s a group planting with rocks and driftwood too.

And the next is a semi-cascade bonsai with rocks in the pot with moss too. It’s mid-training, so the wire is wrapped around the trunk to create the semi-cascade shape. The trunk is first wrapped in riki string to protect it from the wire.

Today when I came downstairs after blow-drying my hair, my dad was limping around with a bag of frozen peas on his calf. He said he’d been putting up a medicine cabinet for someone, slipped off the toilet (broke the seat) and bashed his calf. The muscle had tensed up, so I got him to lie down and I tried to massage it out. This wasn’t working so I got a heating pad, but it wasn’t direct enough heat. Dad tried to tape the heating pad to his leg with masking tape, but I got a tensor bandage and wrapped it on.