my book is called The Tooth Fairy. and its not your ordinary tooth fairy. its digusting and rotted and sometimes its a guy and sometimes its a girl. and this boy, sam, isn’t supposed to see it, but he does. and its all about him growing up. and the tooth fairy teaches him a lot… when it was a he, he showed up while they were at sunday school and to get rid of bordom he showed sam how to nurse his cock in his lap. i was very shocked.

and then when the tooth fairy was a girl; it was always having sex with sam. and she’d become any girl that he wanted her to become, except alice. and the tooth fairy warns sam about stuff and sometimes shows up in situations where sam has a lot of distressing emotions. its an odd relationship. the tooth fairy has gotten angry on numerious occasions, gashed sams arm open with glass, scratched his face up for something he said. stuff like that. and also, the tooth fairy does stuff. well the tooth fairy helps sam in difficult situations, but to the extreme that it gets him in more trouble.

hes actually been seeing a shrink since he was 7 and and now hes 14. and his two best friends clive and terry – its a normal yet abnormal relationship with them. normal as in he talks and jokes and stuff, abnormal as they make pipe bombs, drink and smoke at 13, and were teaching eachother how to masturbate around 10 years old. and then theres the factor of their new friend alice, terry’s cousin linda, some deaths, a lot of bloody accidents, and usual, yet fluke-like stuff of childhood. and the tooth fairy is at the bottom of a lot of it. sam is the only one who can see it… and it reaks like a combination of things, usually horse sweat, and two other interesting fragrances.

jordana lent me this book. its her book. its quite interesting despite how perverse it is at times. quite a shocking change from the lord of the rings trilogy that i just finished reading.

heres the back of the book; “Sam and his friends are like any gang of normal young boys. Roaming the wild around the outskirts of their car-factory town. Daring adults to challenge their freedom. Until the day Sam wakes to find the Tooth Fairy sitting on the edge of his bed. Not the benign figure of childhood myth, but an enigmatic presence that both torments and seduces him, chaning his life forever.”