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Whiskers on Wednesday

Welcoming a Foster Cat

My friend Beth was trying to find a new home for her two cats, Tetley and Pekoe. The home they went to worked out for Tetley, but not for Pekoe who is a bit more chatty and active than the… Continue Reading →

Autumn Whiskers

It is officially autumn. The clocks have gone back, the leaves are changing colours, and the days are getting colder. It always makes me want to curl up at home with a book and a warm cup of tea. But… Continue Reading →

Whiskers on Wednesday: Photos Galore

Henry takes over the couch pillows This is an older photo, but so good. My sister's cat Saasafras looking guilty after killing a flower. Abby is a CatLoaf. My mom got upset and thought I was calling Abby names. Actually,… Continue Reading →

Chico visits Whiskers on Wednesday

I had Chico out a couple nights ago while I was snacking on some lovely Bing cherries. Chico can eat most fruits and veggies in small quantities, so I gave him one cherry to try (anything more would wreak havoc… Continue Reading →

Whiskers on Wednesday: My Chair

I got this chair from my mom’s coworker when I moved out on my own. It’s relatively comfortable, but it moves too much for my liking because it’s on a swivel-rocker-type base. Henry, however, adores it. It’s a blue corduroy… Continue Reading →

The Cat is My Hat

Did the title make you do a double take? Let me explain. As you can see in this photo, Henry has his own pillow covered with a lovely fleece blanket right beside my pillow. This is because he used to… Continue Reading →

Raising awareness for abused animals

A recreational tourism company in Whistler, BC is being investigated for animal cruelty. It is so sad and shocking to hear of the mass slaughtering of 100 sled dogs due to a ‘decline in business’ after the Vancouver 2010 Olympics…. Continue Reading →

Catmas Throwback

I didn’t really update much about Catmas because Abby and Henry were just getting to know each other. There wasn’t much cuteness going on, but they did get quite playful by the end of 10 days. And after about 5… Continue Reading →

Chinchilla Whiskers

(Better late than never! It’s not yet midnight here, so it’s still technically Whiskers on Wednesday.) I made a quick trip earlier this week to Pier1 for home décor items… but not for me, for Chico. When I was in… Continue Reading →

New Addition to the Family

For this Whiskers on Wednesday, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. My mom and dad got a kitten: Her name is probably going to be Georgi, although they just brought her home last… Continue Reading →

Video: Cat Meets Bunny

I compiled this from video clips I took on the second day of Pancake’s visit. Henry is a little better but still doesn’t like when the bunny hops straight at him. P.S. You know how YouTube suggests similar videos to… Continue Reading →

Just sniffing…

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!

When the Humans Are Away…

Do you ever wonder what kind of shenanigans and adventures your pets get up to when you’re not home? I can tell you with 99.9% certainty that Henry does exactly this: Happy Whiskers on Wednesday to the other humans out… Continue Reading →

Tiger in a Bag

Henry’s favourite toy is a large, crinkly, plastic bag. He likes to sit in them and just watch me, but he also loves to play in them too. I should remember to take a video next time he’s playing! Happy… Continue Reading →

Arrr! Pirate Cat!

Here's winking at you babe ;) Occasionally Henry gets all squinty in one of his eyes. I’ve taken him to the vet and he doesn’t have a scratch on the cornea or anything. I think sometimes he just gets a… Continue Reading →

Does this Wednesday make my Whiskers look big?

Does this box make my butt look big? Henry is a simple cat; he likes crumpled paper, plastic bags, and cardboard boxes. I usually have one for him that’s an appropriate size, but when I finished unpacking his cat food… Continue Reading →

Whiskers from across The Pond

CW sent me some photos of his mum’s cats chilling out at the house. Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!! This is Minstrel. I prefer to call him Poofa because I don’t think his name suits him. He’s the newest edition to… Continue Reading →

Whiskers Nurse

Last week I was home sick with a bit of a stomach bug. Henry made sure to take good care of me and give me lots of snuggles. Please excuse the craptastic photos as I was using PhotoBooth on my… Continue Reading →

Whiskers with Windows

Henry loves watching the outdoors. He’s not suited to be outdoors unattended, so I often boost him onto the windowsill in my bedroom. At my parents’ house, he used to sit for hours in my office chair rolled up to… Continue Reading →

Whiskers on Wednesday

Henry isn’t up for Whiskers on Wednesday, so his cousin Sasafrass (my sister’s cat) is stepping in. At family dinner last Sunday my sister had her dressed in a lovely ruffle. Sasafrass absolutely loved her ruffle. It was a soft… Continue Reading →

Knitted Kitty, Sleeping Cowl

As you may know, Henry is a yarn snob. He only fondles fibres with 100% natural content. Therefore, I believed my cowl being knit with Nashua Ivy (50% alpaca, 45% merino, 5% synthetic) was safe. I thought wrong: Fortunately he… Continue Reading →

Inspecting teh New Arrivalz

We cats must inspect everything that enters our domain. We must approve of it before it is allowed to stay. Recently, mommy brought home these weirdo green things. They don’t taste as good as that bamboo-y stuff at mommy’s mom’s… Continue Reading →

New Best Friend

I’m living in a basement suite, which was fantastic when we had a heat wave this summer. But now that the temperature is dropping, these cement walls aren’t so comforting. Since the upstairs neighbours control the central heating, and the… Continue Reading →

King Henry’s Throne

Whenever this ottoman is cleared off, Henry immediately jumps on it and claims it as his new perch. Being in a basement suite, I wish he liked things a bit higher because he hasn’t looked out a window in months!… Continue Reading →

He’s Watching Me…

Whenever Henry totally relaxes and just vegges out on the carpet, he lies on his back and tends to just watch me. Then he’s start meowing and moaning until I talk to him. (If he doesn’t want attention he goes… Continue Reading →

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