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UK Swap Goodies Arrived!!

I got a lovely package this morning off Larry the Cucumber (secret name — I still don’t know who she is!) aka: Gemma! This is the box, filled with lovely goodies! Here it all is unpacked and waiting to be… Continue Reading →

UK Topic of the Week #6: Swapping

Q: Have you done a swap before (doesn’t have to be a knitting swap)? What do you like best about swapping? Are there any personal “requirements” that a swap has to have before you will join? I’ve done knitting swaps… Continue Reading →

UK Swap Topic #5: Anticipation

Q: What kind of Spoilee are you? Are you paranoid that it’s not being sent, or lost in the post? Do you want it to arrive quickly? OR Do you enjoy the anticipation? Sitting and pondering when it will arrive…… Continue Reading →

UK Swap Topic of the Week #4: Valentine’s Day

I know this isn’t knitting related, but I thought I’d ask you to share your favourite Valentine’s Day memory, or your current plans for this year. Just to share some love. :) Well my boyfriend and I have been together… Continue Reading →

UK Swap Topic #3: Project Process

Q: What is your process when planning a project? Do you shop for yarn and then find a suitable pattern? Do you find your pattern and then go out to buy the yarn? Or are you stash-busting? If your stash… Continue Reading →

Topic of the Week #2: Magazines

Q: Do you subscribe to any magazines (knitting or otherwise)? Or do you prefer to purchase magazines at the newstand? Do you subscribe online to any knitting magazines/newsletters? What does a knitting magazine need to have to catch your fancy… Continue Reading →

UK Swap Questionnaire

Oops! I suppose as the host and main organizer of the UK Swap, it would sortakinda be a good idea actually do mine! Oh and if there is anyone from the swap visiting — they questionnaires are due on Monday… Continue Reading →

UK Swap Weekly Topic #1

I know sign-ups haven’t even ended for the UK Swap, but they’ve slowed down so much and they end on Monday, so for the coming week there will be something happening! I’ve started Topics of the Week (thanks for the… Continue Reading →

Things are getting back to normal

Is everyone else still recovering from the bump and jostle of the holidays? I have to admit, it’s just getting back to normal in my mind. I will also admit that it is currently 10 days into the new year… Continue Reading →

Sign-ups are Open for the UK Swap

Just a quick note for any UK people who are interested in a UK-based Swap, sign-ups open today. Head over to the UK Swap Blog to find out what you need to send in. There is no number limit, and… Continue Reading →

CONTEST: Pimp My Swap!

To promote the UK Swap, we’re having a Pimp the Swap contest! Head over to the UK Swap Blog to learn more about the swap and get ready for sign-ups on January 7th, 2008. Contest closes December 31st, 2007. Anyone… Continue Reading →

UK Swap Anyone?

I’m co-hosting a swap for people within the UK. I thought it would be a great way to meet people, give knitting goodies, and of course receive them too! If you’re located within the UK and would like to participate,… Continue Reading →

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