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Dogs on Thursday

Dogs on Thursday from across The Pond

CW also sent me these pictures of Oscar, an Old English Sheep Dog. From the sounds of it, he’s excelling on lead and much better behaved during walks than his brother Harvey.

Dogs on Thursday from across the Pond

CW snapped this photo of Oscar and sent it to me just for Dogs On Thursday! (Isn’t he a keeper? CW I mean… oh I guess Oscar’s a keeper too. He’s a sweetheart.) Anyway, Oscar was sulking because he’d just… Continue Reading →

Snow Dogs on Thursday

Here are some photos CW and I took of the dogs when it began to snow last week. I really enjoy taking them out and the snow makes it even more fun. Happy Dogs on Thursday! 8 inches of snow… Continue Reading →

Dogs on Thursday

I’ve mentioned Elvis the hound dog before, and he is quite well trained when he wants to be. Here is a great video we got of him taking commands for a piece of salmon skin. CW is dog-sitting while his… Continue Reading →

Dogs on Thursday

My cousin has a miniature long-haired dachshund named Taffy. She has a little orange ball that she goes nuts over. My uncle recently discovered that if you put it in a cardboard box, Taffy will go crazy trying to get… Continue Reading →

Dogs on Thursday: Millie & the Pool

Millie cannot decide how she feels about the water. She is so intrigued by it, and wants to go in… but won’t go in willingly. Also, the pool sides are far too high for her to climb out on her… Continue Reading →

Dogs on Thursday: Elvis & Millie

Introducing: Elvis and Millie! Note: These are not my dogs, they are the dogs that live at Camp. I’m just playing for a few weeks with Dogs on Thursday because these dogs are so much fun on the weekends. Elvis… Continue Reading →

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